Goderich Drug Bust

North Huronians & Council Held Hostage By Town Staff In Work-To-Rule Strike - Students, Infrastructure, Citizens & Council Targeted In $6,500,000 Abuse And Waste Scandal

Source: WFP
Date: Sun Aug 18 07:00:24 MST 2019

A local Activist attended Wingham town hall in an attempt to have some profane graffiti removed from some North Huron infrastructure. Town staff made it clear they have known about the graffiti for some time and stated they don’t have to have it removed until someone officially complains. “I’m complaining now” stated the Activist. Their response was 'not officially so it doesn’t count, so we won’t be removing it'. The graffiti is still there.

North Huron taxpayers are forced to pay for 120+ "town staffers" at a cost of approximately $6.5 million/year. Remember Wingham is under one square mile. It’s time for a massive purge of staff that refuse to maintain our infrastructure as North Huron is at least double staffed and the highest taxed town in Canada.

Staff have convinced a green and gullible council to pass a law that will allow town staff (or anyone they appoint) to trespass on your property. NOTE: No one has the "power" to enter your property without a warrant despite what staff may have told a complicit North Huron council.

If someone is on your property ask them to leave or show you a warrant. If they stay without a warrant, call the police as they actually know your Rights and will make sure they are respected. Council on the other hand takes your Rights away, and makes you pay to get them back in court. Now do you understand that we are living in a dictatorship?

Contact council now to have the profane graffiti removed. If they tell you to go to Town Hall and fill out a form because they are too lazy to do the job they are paid $1,500/month to do, find your pitchforks and torches and attend the next council meeting.

North Huron council contact info:
Reeve Bernie Bailey:
82 Victoria Street East, Wingham, Ontario.
Phone 1: (519) 357-4668
Phone 2: (519) 357-8708
Town Hall: (519) 357-3550
Email: bbailley@northhuron.ca

Trevor Seip: 519-357-7759
Email: tseip@northhuron.ca

Paul Heffer: 519-357-3594

Anita Van Hittersum: 519-523-4492
Email: avanhittersum@northhuron.ca

Chris Palmer: 519-357-3385
Email: cpalmer@northhuron.ca

Kevin Falconer: 519-955-0301
Email: kfalconer@northhuron.ca

Ric McBurney: 519-441-7415
Email: rmcburney@northhuron.ca

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