Hall Of Shamer Doug Kuyvenhven Confesses To Abuses - Disgraced Afterlife Scammer Doug Kuyvenhoven’s Shocking Revelations - Businesses Start To Speak Out #DeathOfFear

Source: WFP
Date: Fri Jun 26 16:38:53 MST 2020

Early this year several business people came forward alleging prejudice, abuse, greed, and rampant self interest of a “religious zealot” that has turned the Wingham BIA into a theocracy protected by a culture of fear and reprisals.

All those that complained named Doug Kuyvenhoven as the dick-tator (-tator) responsible for the abuse and intimidation. As a notorious afterlife scammer that profits from exploiting the superstitious, children, vulnerable and the cowardly it is not a far-stretch to believe he would bring this abuse into the BIA. You may remember this reprobate from the OPP costing meetings where tardboy lied about costing and bashed the OPP claiming to speak on behalf of every Wingham business for which he has yet to apologize.

After months of stalling Hall Of Shamer Doug Kuyvenhoven has finally admitted to what everyone already knew and were complaining about. Below are a series of questions that clearly show that enemy of the People and Hall Of Shamer Doug Kuyvenhoven cares not about any Wingham business, and that lil dougie is desperate to exhaust the budget with the least amount of effort.

Q: What other options were considered before deciding on the sign?
A: None.

Q: What initiatives have the BIA undertaken to promote the downtown core?
A: None

Q: Were all the businesses in town notified there was going to be
$40,000 spent on a sign.
A: No

Q: Were businesses informed the sign would be used for “community events”?
A: No

Q: Were businesses informed that they would not be allowed to
advertise on the sign?
A: No

Q: What “Community events” were going to be allowed to advertise on the sign?
A: Not discussed by BIA.

Q: Which Community groups were approached regarding advertising on the sign?
A: None.

Q: Due to the conflict of interest, will you confirm that the sign
will not be used in any way to promote Maitland River Community Church
or events sponsored by the church?
A: No.

Q: Was there a vote by the businesses regarding the sign, if so when?
A: No.

Q: What future initiatives are being considered to ensure the business
isn’t taken away from Josephine St by development along hwy 86?
A: None.

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