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Iím Fucking Scared Man - New Area Pirate Radio Station(s) To Test Limits Of Free Speach - #EndTheOppressors #EndKingBailey #WinghamWakening #Freedom2022

Source: WFP
Date: Wed Aug 12 15:17:24 MST 2020

"Iím fucking scared man". That quote was censored on tv and online as they played the murder video of George Floyd. Apparently broadcasting a murder video where the victim repeatedly pleads for his life is fine, but if the guy swears during his execution it is not broadcastable without censorship. Apparently the Public is comfortable enough to see a Civilian lynched, but swearing crosses the line. This is madness.

Speaking of tyrannical censorship. Under the reign of Hall of Shamer bernie bailey questions are not allowed, debate forbidden, complaints can cost $1,000, cameras and scrutiny are met with calls to the police. Due process suspended and property rights eliminated. $20,000 can be spent on $1,500 worth of tvs, floodplains can be filled and assets transferred to bailey loyalist hands while the cowardly Public cowers in fear and silence. Itís time to wake the fuck up and stand up to the corruption and greed that has destroyed our Community.

WFP and supporters of WFP have clearly been too subtle in their criticism and approach to shithead bernie baileyís greed and corruption. Pirate radio station(s) have been set up in Wingham to broadcast an uncensored message and an inspirational playlist for Activists. If you want to know the frequency, times of broadcast, or want to help, you gotta know a guy who knows a guy.

Fuck bailey and fuck armed patrols by the bitches in blue. If the OPP were in camo, the Public would riot. It is pure bullshit that 99.9% of abuse claims against the OPP are unfounded according to their own investigations, except the .1% caught on video. FTP.


Area OPP

Brian BIDDLE Arrested Again - Stolen Property, Counterfeit Money, etc
Repeat Offender From Clinton Charged Again - Mathew SCHRAEDER
Gator Stolen
Pickup Truck Vs Motorcycle Collision
Hwy 21 Head On Collision
Joseph BALASCH - Race Motor Vehicle
18 Year Old Charged At RIDE - Francis COOKE
Drunk Prohibited Driver Arrested - Wilfred VAILLANCOURT
Drunk Driver In Farmers Field Arrested - Brooke THORNTON
Methamphetamine Bust In Listowel - Ven QUANGVAN & Neisha PERRY
Church Fires End With Arson Charge
Two Arrested After K9 Locates Them - Anthony DILLON & Lindsay COURTNEY
Fatal Collision Update - Deceased Identified
Update: Terri HARNOCK Located
$20,000 UTV Stolen
BOLO Stolen SUV Plate: BNBB 926
Criminal Targets Roads Side Stands In Meaford
Sexual Assault On Child - David RATCLIFFE
Blyth Resident Terri HARNOCK Being Sought By Police
Fatal Collision
Sexual Assault - George Patrick MCPOLIN
20 Year Old From Mildmay Facing Sexual Assault Charge - CORBET
Adewale "Daniel" OLATUNJI - Sexual Assault
Marijuana Theft - Ricky EDWARDS, Carl Thomas BURSEY & Jessica Lee WILBEE
Jonathan AGUIRRE - Drunk Driving

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Wingham Police Service

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