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Megamillion Wingham Real Estate Scandal - Racist Councillor Exposes Himself - Demand For A Cut/Joint Venture Kills 400 Home Deal

Source: WFP
Date: Tue Sep 8 20:53:33 MST 2020

At the 08Sept2020 North Huron council meeting it was revealed that the 400+ home subdivision that was supposed to happen in Wingham is virtually dead. Reeve bernie and councillors turned beet red when they found out it was due to council and staff promoting the idea they needed a "cut" or "joint venture" for this subdivision to move forward. This alledged extortion/"joint venture" attempt was resoundingly rejected by all ethical members of the investment group, killing the deal.

The land was last sold for $11.25 million dollars despite its recent appraisal of $3.18 million. Once it is turned back into farmland it will be worth about half that. Then that whole corrupt process that puts millions of dollars into the pockets of the corrupt and greedy can start all over again. I think we all know where those missing millions went.

Council’s response to the rejected alleged extortion attempt was to force the sale of the land through the Partitions Act and/or turn it back into agricultural land.

“They have 30 days to decide what to do or we have the right to turn it back into pasture land” - Reeve bernie bailey

“I’m not seeing anyway outta this except farmland” - Reeve bailey

Kevin Falconer wanted to put pressure on the property owners by illegally denying any legitimate development plans. “Can’t we just say no to what they want to do” - Kevin Falconer. Exposing himself as a racist, falconer stated he was afraid this land was being used by foreigners to infiltrate Canada.

In a blatant shakedown attempt Trevor Seip stated that council will not deal with the investors directly, and they must go through their buddy. “Provide any letter we potentially can and say the ONLY person we are dealing with is that individual there (points at Doug Cerson), we are NOT talking to anyone else, and here’s the motion that says that.” - Trevor Seip

To further confirm Doug Cerson’s alleged collusion with North Huron council, Mr. Seip seemingly confirmed Cerson was working under the direction of council. “I’ll move that council authorize Doug to continue discussions with the ownership group” - Trevor Seip)

North Huron Contact Info:
Bernie Bailey - (519) 357-3550
Trevor Seip - (519) 357-7759
Paul Heffer - (519) 357-3594 -
Anita van Hittersum - (519) 523-4492
Chris Palmer - (519) 357-3385
Kevin Fascist Falconer - (519) 955-0301
Ric McBurney - (519) 441-7415

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