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Anti-maskers Wreak Havoc Costing Lives & Destroying The Few Remaining Businesses #HonorYourOath #ThisIsNotTrumpland

Source: WFP
Date: Sat Sep 19 06:07:06 MST 2020

Another lockdown seems imminent as Covid-19 rapidly spreads throughout Ontario while anti-maskers continue to completely disregard the safety and wellbeing of their fellow Canadians. The government will have no option other than a lockdown if the virus continues to spread. Few Ma & Pa shops still exist, almost none will survive another lockdown.

As a Canadian you have sworn an oath to “Stand on guard for Thee”. Thee stands for the Citizenry and our Constitution. As loyal Canadians we do not harm one another or put others at risk. Drunk driving & speeding are not socially acceptable because they put innocent lives at risk. We should never tolerate the extremely selfish that have zero regard for their fellow Canadains, especially the anti-maskers that don’t care how many more seniors will be killed by their apathy.

Masks are likely here for many years to come. 650,000 people die from the flu every year according to WHO. Shame on humanity for the millions of deaths that could have been prevented over the last few decades if masks were mandatory in public. If you could help save millions of lives every year, wouldn’t you wear a mask in public?

Area OPP

$100,000 Copper Wire Stolen
Repeat Offender Charged With Assault With Weapon - Christopher OUELLETTE
Impaired Driver Facing Numerous Charges - Christopher MILLETT
Methamphetamine Bust - Kyle LENSSEN
Repeat Offender Caught With Methamphetamine - Anthony DILLON
Suspended Driver Caught Again - GAMMIE
Trailer Stolen From Blyth
Drunk Driver Hit Hydro Pole - SOCHOLOTIUK
130 in an 80 - TYRRELL
Adrian BRAKEL - Drunk Driving
Pickup Truck Stolen - Plate: 241 2FT
Attempted Murder In Fergus
Shooting In Parking Lot - 17 Year Old Repeat Offender Arrested
Hit & Run - Two Arrested
Pervert Alert - Sexual Assault - Patricia ADAMSON
135 in an 80 - POLLARD
$30,000 Jack Hammer Attachment Stolen
Impaired ATV Driver Charged - KARAISKOS
Spray Painting Incident - SIKMA Charged
Impaired Driver Stuck In Mud Charged - BOWMAN
Drunk Driver Facing Several Charges - HATCH
$100,000 Methamphetamine Bust - Jeremy HALK
Suspended Driver Arrested - TISDALE

South Huron

North Huron

Wingham Police Service

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